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  • Advertising copyright
  • Music copyright
  • Film copyright
  • Games copyright
  • Magazine copyright
  • Newspaper copyright
  • Painting copyright
  • Novel copyright
  • Paper copyright
  • Software copyright
  • Medicine copyright
  • Science copyright
  • More copyright

CREX————A brand new decentralized digital copyright ecosystem,To create a decentralized digital publishing platform that enables authors to grasp the autonomy and satisfy the automatic registration and maintenance of copyright and realize the positive interaction between author and reader.

Core Team
  • Tim
    CREX founder and CEO
    Zhejiang University Master of International Finance, blockchain industry scholars, the first batch of financial technology entrepreneurs, worked successively in Hong Kong Lion Financial Group Vice President, Hong Kong LBL Director , General manager of Hong Kong Baichuan Financial Group Financial Technology Division. He has rich experience in financial technology research and development.
  • Bill
    CREX founder and CSO
    Bachelor of Peking University, Ph.D. of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has published 8 papers in international authoritative journals, made a number of key research reports in the Global Economic Forum meeting, served as a number of academic journals reviewers, has worked for China Merchants Securities, and served as TMT executive director of industry.
  • Iverson
    CREX Co-Founder CTO
    Blockchain Expert, Communication Technology Expert, formerly Head of National Algorithm / Simulation Laboratory of Huawei Wireless Research Field System, Over 15 years of cutting-edge technology development experience, independent research and development of artificial intelligence trading risk control system And quantitative analysis algorithm.
  • Alan
    CREX co-founder CMO
    The first batch of digital currency investors, market-related project entrepreneurs, has served in Phoenix News, Netease News, Sohu News, Tencent News, CCTV, Oriental Satellite TV and other large media companies, had founded Star Brokers People Alliance App, he is a China's senior media expert with rich media and cultural entertainment resources.
  • Nico
    CREX co-founder CPO
    12 years of Internet practitioners and entrepreneurs, worked for Dr. Peng as general manager of the Internet Group, Internet companies such as Thunder, Sohu, Youku, Car home and many other well-known Internet companies. Responsible for Marketing and PR related work. Published in 2013 bestseller "WeChat marketing and operations strategy" to help a number of well-known enterprises for Internet transformation and upgrading.
  • Jacky
    CREX co-founder CBO
    Senior media industry integrated brand marketing creative expert, digital content marketing & entertainment marketing & wireless marketing integrators, has worked with CIG (China's largest digital advertising company) as brand creative director, the world's largest media group WPP brand interaction Creative VML creative director, had held first quarter Taobao Creation Festival integrated marketing communications.
  • 2018.01CREX works with well-known institutions.
  • 2018.01CREX has a well-known vc investment.
  • 2017.12CREX project started
  • 2017.11Core team establishment
  • 2017.11CREX was founded
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